As we grow older, our skin gets thinner and drier as the body production of natural collagen and elastin decreases.

There are lots of people that would like to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and restore their charming, soft, spectacular looking skin. There also exist many anti-aging treatment options available out there but only few work effectively, filler injections are also great treatment alternative for anti-aging signs in both men and women.

Filler injections can reduce deep and fine facial lines on the forehead, thin lips, laugh lines, frown lines and scars.

Below are some of the reasons why naturally-occurring fillers are preferred by many people resident in Sydney. When it comes to lip enhancement is the best for:

  • Perfection and Better Control
  • No downtime procedure
  • Less Bruising
  • Satisfactory and Protracted Results
  • Possibilities of Allergic Reactions Are Secluded

What to Expect During a Lip Enhancement Treatment

Lip enhancement treatment via injectable lip fillers can be completed right in the office of the surgeon or injector while keeping downtime to the barest minimum. This is one of the reasons why modern day lip fillers have practically overtaken fat injection (another lip enhancement procedure) as the latter calls for a small area of liposuction; extracting from one part of the patient’s body to implant through injection into the lips site.

Lip Filler ServicesBefore injecting the lip filler, your injector may use a skin-based numbing substance to reduce pain. Often, the surgeon gives injections – like anesthetic you get from the dentist – to completely numb the lips before carrying out the treatment.

Once the site to be injected has been cautiously marked, the doctor will utilize the fine needles to inject lip fillers into the lips. Afterward, ice may be used on the injected site to reduce further pain and keep the swelling down.

There are lots of competent health practitioners that can conduct lip enhancement with fillers. Dr. Botox is a certified injector who is outstanding for completing only the most natural lip filler treatment. You can book a free consultation today by calling

Lip enhancement or lip filler treatment presents real risks if conducted by untrained practitioner or injector.

If you’re in Sydney, make sure you give us a call or visit our health center. We will be glad to discuss your worries about lip enhancement treatment, and give the ideal advice for your unique need.