About Us

The structure of the face is unique, and only a skilled injector will know how to get the finest results you desire. Consequently, opting for a professional is essential. Spectacular results greatly depend on the skill and strategy used by the injector.

Well, very few people are born with poutable and attractive lips. The good news, however, with modern technology in lip enhancement treatments together with the introduction of modern and much better lip fillers imply that adding more lift to those lips has become easier than ever.

Lips are a distinctive area of the face, and there are lots of factors that make lips attractive which include the border, volume, and symmetry.

Lip augmentation injections are increasingly becoming a popular solution to achieve lips one will love, providing instantaneous and long-term results.

Injectable fillersLip enhancements are conducted at our innovative studio by highly skilled and experienced Cosmetic Injector. With the best team of Cosmetic Injectors in the country, we fully understand the technology behind lip enhancement. We are specialists at helping you maintain a clean, vibrant look while enhancing your natural features.

We make use of only the safest supplies known to deliver the most natural results.

Our lip enhancement treatment will greatly reduce fine lines triggered by smoking, add value to your lip line or define the corners of your mouth area to augment the fresh lip, or add more volume to the aging lip.

Why Lip Enhancement fillers

A gorgeous smile offers you a superb boost to a sense of self-esteem, helping you feel and appear happier and young-looking is our main objective.

Everyone’s lip shape and size differ and lip fillers in this area help to augment the natural factors and re-invigorate the region.

Our team of knowledgeable Cosmetic Injectors can give you advice on the ideal treatment option to achieve the wished-for results.

Treatment Options

Lip fillers are useful to add volume to facial regions, and different techniques are employed depending on the desirable results. Facial areas like the lips need a gentle treatment that ensures the results are desirable and natural.

However in regions that need support, for example, the jaw and cheek, dermal filler is commonly used.

Dermal fillers work best when added to wrinkle-removing injections to facilitate the prevention of volume loss, facial lines, and reduction of noticeable signs of aging quickly.

Lip fillers Sydney has the best team of Cosmetic specialists in Australia.

Recovery period

Recovery time for lip filler treatment is short term. Cosmetics can even be worn the following day.

All the cosmetic medical related consultations and treatments are conducted by a certified, knowledgeable and qualified Medical Practitioner.

We can help you create gorgeous lips within a short time. Enhance lip size, structure or symmetry, or get rid of etched-in smoker’s lines. Augment overall elegance by harmonizing lips with many other face treatment supplies.

What’s required

Because your comfort is essential to us, we provide you with numbing creams or gels, dental anesthetic blocks and laughing gas if possible to improve your experience.

We also offer filler solutions (Perlane and Restylane®) for deep facial lines around the mouth, between the eyebrows, and to beautify the lips. These products have a remarkably low incidence of allergies. Depending on the region treated, injections can last between 3 to 12 months.