Full, plush, supple lips are something a lot of women fantasize about. . The good news is there is a non-surgical approach to lip enhancement that helps achieve plumper, fuller lips after a single treatment. Lip fillers are a preferred facial enhancement non-surgical treatment simply because they produce impressive results with minimal downtime and invasiveness.

What exactly are lips filling or filler injection?

Lip fillers are ingredients discovered naturally inside the body and are injected into and around the lip area to elevate the size, shape, volume and entire appearance of the mouth. Some of the elements used for lip fillers are fat, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

How do these lip fillers work?

Lip fillers are injected straight into the lips and areas around the mouth. At the time of the procedure, the Injector will mark the injection areas before he/she begin the process and make use of anesthetic cream or injection to the area. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes or two per injection site and can be done in a dermatological specialist or cosmetic surgeon’s office.

Are the results of lip fillers clearly noticeable after treatment?

The lips will have an inflamed look after the lip filler injection treatment; as a result the outcome may not be instantly noticeable. It can take up to 1 week depending on the body system for the swelling to disappear and for the fillers to consolidate into their focused sites.

Lip Dermal fillersDo lip filler injections painful?

Since anesthetic is employed at the time of the lip filler injection treatment, patients ought not to experience or feel pain whatsoever. Though some people complain of moderate soreness and pinprick feelings at the injection areas in the course of the treatment.

How long do they last?

Lip fillers are short-term cosmetic technology that often last between 3 to 12 months. During those times, patients may be re-examined by their cosmetic doctor to evaluate if supplementary injections are necessary or needed and which approach is advisable, based on their outcome.

What are the side-effects of lip fillers?

Plenty of individuals endure little, side effects from lip filler injections. These allergies are soreness, pain or bruising of the injection area. Non-prescription pain relievers can be taken to minimize pain and side effects. All discomfort will disappear within few days after the treatment.

Is there any lost time with lip filler procedure?

There is absolutely no downtime when it comes to a lip filler treatment option. Patients are free to resume work and attend to other activities within 24 hours in most cases. Even so, some patients sometimes have certain constraints on using their mouth and lips for some time, based on which fillers employed and their level of distress.

Any Medical insurance cover for lip filler injections

Since lip filler injections are cosmetic enhancement treatments, they are in most cases not included in medical insurance plans.

It is, however, advisable for Patients to always discuss their health background with their physician and share any medications they are using, this is necessary to avoid complication or interference with the treatment.

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